Te Kupenga is a…

Te Kupenga is a survey of Māori wellbeing: it’s multidimensional, in that it focuses on social, economic and cultural aspects of what people consider makes a good life. It includes subjective wellbeing measures, in recognition of the fact that whatever we may say about someone’s affairs or situation, ultimately how someone is doing is best assessed by them. It includes pioneering measures that have never been tried before, like a self collective whānau measure. Simply put, it is the state of the art in quantitative data on Māori wellbeing and I encourage all those serious about improving Māori society to begin with these measures!”


Te Kupenga Facts About Te Ao Maori 2013

Te Kupenga Facts About Te Ao Maori 2013

In 2013, a recently released Stats NZ survey shows that (a) Māori adults really do think highly about their culture, and (b) do a range of things to express their Māori identity.