Meka still the Boss, but Te Hamua increases his votes

The Electoral Commission has completed its official vote count for the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election.There were 12,149 votes cast in the election, which equates to 35.7 percent of the 34,008 people enrolled in the electorate.

Initial results from the June 29 by-election had Labour candidate Meka Whaitiri winning by 1761 votes, but that lead has been cut to 1659 after the counting of special votes.

Final poll results:

  • Meka Wahitiri (Labour) 4590
  • Te Hamua Nikora (Mana) 2931
  • Na Raihania (Maori Party) 2229
  • Marama Davidson (Green Party) 1251
  • Michael Appleby (Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party) 176
  • Maurice Wairau (Independent) 30
  • Adam Holland (Independent) 15
  • Candidate informals 46

Vote statistics:

  • 34,008 people enrolled
  • 12,149 total votes cast
  • 881 votes disallowed
  • 2470 advance votes
  • 1624 special votes including 16 overseas votes

(Source: Electoral Commission)


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