The Showdown at the “Ka mau ke te wehi” Corral

Last Saturday night the Ikaroa Rawhiti By Election was won by Meka Whaitiri (Labour Party).

Ikaroa Rawhiti is a big rohe.  It starts at at Hicks Bay and goes all the way down the East Coast to Wainuiomata in Wellington. It contains a number of different iwi.

This infographic focuses on the battle for Te Tai Rawhiti – or as the Cowboys might say…..the Showdown at the ‘Ka mau te wehi’ Corral! (Not the OK Corral! But the Ka mau ke te wehi Corral! Ye hah!)

So the region that Apirana (his birthday is today) and now Te Runanga o Ngati Porou calls te hau kaenga o Ngati Porou is from Potaka or Potikirua in the North, to Te Toka a Taiau or the Gisborne River Bridge.

There are 11 booths in this rohe. These are: Hicks Bay, Te Araroa,  Tikitiki, Ruatoria, Te Puia, Tokomaru Bay, Tolaga Bay, Whangara, Kaiti, Ilminster, Rutene rd.

What the data shows is that ‘Meke’ Meka (Labour) and ‘Tino Tere’ Te Hamua (Mana) took 4 booths each. Na Raihania (Maori) won 2 booths. Moreover, Marama (Greens) took Tikitiki and came within a two vote difference in Ruatoria to Na.

So who won? E ta….it was a draw!

Kia Ora Tatau!

Te Pakanga mo T T R


Data Analysis – FYI (NB. for simplicity sakes, I have not included the independent candidates)

Booth Meka Te Hamua Na Marama WINNER
Hicks Bay 26% 34% 8% 28% TeHamua
Te Araroa 25% 27% 18% 25% TeHamua
Tiki 21% 22% 25% 31% Marama
Rua 24% 19% 27% 26% Na
Toko 25% 9% 55% 9% Na
Te Puia 54% 11% 24% 4% Meka
Tolaga 57% 17% 11% 15% Meka
Whangara 27% 46% 4% 19% TeHamua
Kaiti 32% 43% 11% 12% TeHamua
Rutene 40% 29% 13% 19% Meka
Ilmister 36% 31% 13% 19% Meka
11 Booths: From Hicks Bay to Kaiti Bridge
Te Hamua 4 out of 11 Hicks Bay, Te Araroa, Whangara and Kaiti
Meka 4 out of 11 Te Puia, Tolaga, Rutene and Ilminster
Na 2 out of 11 Ruatoria and Tokomaru Bay
Ma 1 out of 11 Tikitiki

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