Iwi development…

Iwi development without data….is like driving at night without your lights on.


What kind of house do you get for $650K?

The NZ Herald had a great idea.

Provide an international comparison of the type of house you could get for $650 K NZ.

They compared Auckland with other locations in NZ. This is what the infographic looked like.

Distance makes $650k go further

Here is the international comparison:

Take off terror

A shame really cos it is really the bare minimum. So what I would have done:

# had a graphic that shows the key differences – landspace, rooms, local amenities’

Just saying…

Iwinfografix 2: State of Te Reo Maori 2013

As I post this, the Census 2013 has been completed. Moreover, Te Kupenga which I led the developent of, is a sample survey of Maori that goes into the field in June. The results of both these surveys will update the statistical data we have on the state of te reo Maori regarding speakers and users of the language. (To be clear, the Education department provides administrative info on who is learning te reo, while Te Mangai Paho has numbers on those who listen to and view Maori language media, and finally, TPK do some regular surveys on public attitudes and values regarding te reo Maori.)

I have yet to see anywhere that someone trys to chunk up all that we know right now and paint a simple, helpful picture.

This is me mucking around with some ideas about this narrative – kei te pewhea te ora o te reo Maori?

Nga mihi


State of Te Reo